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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For Marty and Peter Jana became a Health salesman!
Marta Jana with his dad to her is very close. Every day you call; constantly attend in addition to often work well together.

This year is also very common business converge. If Marta plays in the theater, gigs and small Marisa not sleeping, she is Marta and Dad joint business in which even built a stand and sell Australian cosmetics Only Papaya health.revieweds

For Marty and Peter Jana became a salesman!

It all started so that at the beginning of this year, Pert Janna gave his friend in Australia who has so much love.
 For the first time there tasted papaya, first saw the looks and know what wonderful effects are products of it.

At that moment, he decided that begins in Bohemia cosmetic products imported papaya. He called his daughter Marta, who was at that time Down Under, and she is happy to become not only a partner, but also the shape of the brand.
"Martha, we have great parental and musical relationship and lately even a lot of talk about business with papaya," says Pert Janna and continues: Introduction To Dr. Darwin Smith "We have a lot of common themes and also because we see each other at least once a week.

 One for me, one for Marty
 Last time we were at the hence Marty, "smack you with pleasure. "Marta is a wonderful daughter, cook and mom. Great to understand life, "he says proudly Pert Janna.

Being the face of cosmetic brand for Martha but also means a lot of responsibilities. One of them just met at a shopping center in Prague. Not only are there with my dad held a book signing for his fans, but also taking the role vendors