What Is More Effective, Aerobic High Or Moderate?

Sunday, November 03, 2013

All this is not easy to study in depth and compared to the same level in order to obtain an unequivocal answer, especially because of what, how and when burned and contribute what we ate before and after exercise. Nevertheless, there are some clear conclusions from the literature which are: 1)

The fat burning during exercise is greater in moderate tension, despite higher. However, burning fat is greater at higher tensions metaproponitikes first 3-6 hours. 2) Those who have eaten before exercise have a greater thermogenesis (ie highest increase metabolism) than those who have not eaten, regardless of the intensity (moderate or high). As in conclusion # 1, those who did high intensity burned more fat early metaproponitikes hours (The experiment was performed using milk + glucose as a pre-coaching meal). 3) 24-hour studies in athletes presented the following interesting: useful site link http://www.reviewlity.com/category/muscle-building/

Two groups of athletes burned the exact same calories, one group with moderate intensity and another group with high intensity (and therefore obviously in a shorter time). When measured 24 fat burning, both groups had burned exactly the same (!). 4) more long-term studies, and the continuous and the high intensity interval presented above of moderate intensity for maintaining or increasing the health and kardianapneftikis muscle mass, and are at least as successful - and according to several investigators even better - in the long term fat burning. Briefly, aerobic type HIIT is at least equal moderate intensity aerobic type and possibly slightly better - but not so much better as sometimes leaves the impression.

If someone for one reason or another can not do HIIT, should not feel bad as moderate aerobic intensity is approximately equal option (but requires more time to give the same result). need to do morning cardio on an empty stomach? Sounds of course very sensible to do one aerobic (moderate intensity) on an empty stomach if he intended to use more fat as fuel. From the moment when one wakes has very low glycogen, doing aerobic eat before anything will mobilize the fat stores for fuel. See related article:

Morning Aerobic training very reasonable, but as at moderate intensity, the argument revolves around what you burn during exercise, and not 24 hours a day or even longer term, which is the final goal. Checking the available literature shows that: 1) carbohydrate consumption during exercise low (25-50%) intensity of fasted humans leads to reduction in the use of fat as fuel. Therefore Gatorade + low volume + empty stomach does not go together. 2) Consumption of carbohydrates during exercise at moderate (63-68%) intensity of fasted humans possibly leading to a reduction in the use of fat as fuel in leading a sedentary people, but does not affect fat burning -trained people in at least the first 80 to 120 minutes of exercise. For most of us supposedly working out, this means that moderate intensity Gatorade + + empty stomach does not reduce the burning of fat. 3) Consumption of carbohydrates during exercise any exercise saves hepatic glycogen.

Obvious, but why should we care? We are interested because the condition of the liver glycogen is one of the main factors that control the catabolism which has an increased importance in hypocaloric diets or other metabolic conditions stresarismatos. This protective effect on the liver glycogen is not present when one performs aerobic hungry. 4) Consumption of carbohydrate before and during exercise at moderate (~ 63%) intensity increases performance without reducing the burning of fat-trained people. Conclusions There is no unequivocal answer on whether there is a better aerobic HIIT or moderate intensity for burning fat. Perhaps the best solution is periodic rotation or a combination of these two methods of exercise, eg 15-20 minutes HIIT followed by 20 minutes of moderate aerobic intensity. recognized is the fact that we must have enough fuel before going to the gym to do anything. Is quite sensible to coincide consumption of greater volume daily carbohydrate around the hours of training, before, during and after, especially in periods where the lineage hypocaloric diet is perfect "justification" to reduce the tension in one trainings of. Regarding doing one aerobic with empty stomach: no clear indication that there is more benefit in aerobic with empty stomach than in the aerobic carbohydrate consumed before or during (a-trained people).