Best Exercises The Abdominal Muscles

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The following is a list of the best exercises the abdominal muscles:
Exercise bike maneuver:

- Sleep on your back with knees bent and feet touching the ground.
- Put your fingers in the area behind the ear
- Push your lower back touches so right then the left knee movement so that your right knee touches left elbow.
- To conduct a national movement to switch slowly and must be done slowly and with poise individual foot completely in every re.
- Breathe naturally through exercise
- Repeat the exercise 20 to 30 times.
Captain Chair Exercise:
Exercise is "Captain Chair" of the effectiveness of the most important movements for the rectus muscle and oblique muscle and is practicing this exercise in most gyms. To perform this exercises properly a national following these steps:
- Sit on the chair and grip Use your hands to balance the upper part of the body.
- Back on the chair tightly and national strained abdominal muscles to lift your feet and knees toward the chest.
- Do not your back and breathing normally.
- Repeat the exercise 12-16 times.
Exercise bends the sides:
- Stand up straight and carry a national put your right hand with the left hand on your waist.
- Bend your body to the right and lower until you feel that the muscles on the other side began to contract. Cut back a little bit and come back to the starting position.
- Repeat the exercise with the left side.
Exercise tightens the center:
- Sit on the floor and bend your knees nationalist.
- Bend over backwards a little bit and put your feet up from the ground and have a balance depending on the rear.

- Carry a medicine ball with both hands with elbows bend slightly.
- From left to right and vice versa with medical guide the ball with the direction of motion and was keen to be a movement from the center and not from the shoulders.
To facilitate the exercise that you can do without lifting the feet.

Exercise bike for the abdominal muscles On fat loss factor Scam

- Lie on your back and Put your hands behind your head with the feet extended towards the top and then twelve knees.

- Raising the national back by relying on the strength of the center toward the right knee and then movement to the other side as if you were you drive a bike.
- To improve your strength quickly nationalist carry weights slowly, it allows the muscles depending on the strength of the movement more momentum.
- Take a rest for two days or one day a week.
- Eat a low-carbohydrate diet.
- For best results add lower back exercises to your routine sports daily to strengthen the entire central region and avoid injury.
- Exercise on the mat exercises to avoid exposure back or abdominal injury as a result of friction coarse surfaces.