Foods for Fall

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 • Phoenixville, PA 19460

Fall usually comes with nutritional setbacks--> halloween candy &  pumpkin lattes just to name 2 of them. But there are plenty of nutritional foods to stock you fridge and pantry with:


Add these foods to your next shopping list-->


1. Butternut Squash--only 63 calories per cup

2. Pumpkin --Excellent source of potassium & vitamin A

3. Sweet Potato-- Also an excellent source of potassium & vitamin A.

4.  Turkey -- Great source of iron which helps carry oxygen to your muscles.

5.  Cranberries -- one cup has 20% of your RDA for Manganese which helps support bone health.

6. Broccoli- One cup has your daily needs for vitamin C, which can help prevent complications from the common cold.

7. Apples -Contains Fiber which helps keep you full longer.

8. Bell Peppers- one cup provides 10% of your daily Folate needs, which aids in cell production.

9. Brussel Sprouts-- contains phytonutrients that have cancer-preventing properties.


Time to shop for these seasonal, nutritious and delicious foods!



**Oxygen Magazine**