Have a Fit Summer!

Friday, June 08, 2012 • Phoenixville, PA 19460

Fit tips to have a fun and healthy summer!


1. Swim for Cardio - Swim a few laps or play around with your family in the pool--> Great way to cool off and get your heart pumping!


2. Choose Fruit instead of Sugar - Cupcakes can be tempting at those BBQ's...but try some fruit to fix your sweet tooth! If you're chosen to bring the dessert make up a nice fruit salad!


3. Wake-up and Workout - Train first thing in the morning so you have the rest of the day for all the fun activities **Added Bonus** --> If you're into outdoor training it's cooler in the mornings.


4. Take Active Trips - Go hiking in the mountains, kayaking on the river, or bike riding on a trail!


5. Supplement...don't Snack - Maintain your energy with SMART snacks, like protein rich and fiber filled foods. It will provide you with better, long-lasting energy!


6. Play Beach Volleyball - You will get a fantastic workout! You test your agility and balance, while working your core! What better way to run and jump in the sand!


7. Work Harder, not Longer - Up your intensity. Instead of an hour in the gym, try 20 minutes of interval training!


8. Race - Sign up for a race this summer--> If you have specific event you're training for it will give you more motivation to power through your workouts!


9. Hydrate! - Staying hydrated with WATER is super important. You want to avoid heat exhaustion and stroke in the hot weather.


10. Run on the Beach-  Running on the sand further stimulates your lower body and core muscles because you are constantly trying to keep your balance = burn extra calories!


11. Dress Appropriately - Keep your body temperature regulated by wearing light, breathable clothes.