grow taller 4 idiots review - For health to the park

Thursday, December 19, 2013

For health - to the park! Workouts - however, as nature walks - more effective for weight loss than classes in the hall and not only in the fresh air. Several years ago, sports doctors conducted an experiment: slimming ladies broke into two groups and within three months of giving them the same load

Only one woman doing on a treadmill and stationary bike, while others made a run and bike ride through the trees. Both have the same number of calories burned, but outdoors dropped by 83% more! Partly because of breathing fresh air (oxygen required by the body to burn fat), and partly due to the effect.

Dutch doctors who examined 10,000 compatriots, in turn, found that those who live among parks and forests, three times less likely to suffer from obesity, and concomitant illnesses (hypertension, varicose veins, arthritis, diabetes) suffer from 15-20% less than residents of areas where there is little greenery.
Using biophysical devices, Russian scientists could fix the energy information exchange between trees and people. We even managed to get pictures of bio formed around the trunks

They show that the detached timber is in the form of an even field of the ring and the two growing side by side and flattened as rings would repel each other.

If birch incision was made to get the juice in a halo glow appeared long oval "language" - has emerged not only fluid, but also the energy circulating in the trunk.