Are you being tricked by your food?

Monday, September 19, 2011 • Boise, ID 83703

My husband had a revelation the other day while eating his fast food sandwich. Although it tasted good, he somehow knew it wasn’t real. The flavors that popped in his mouth were not being totally truthful. They were designed, engineered ….manipulated. This was a big moment for him, the realization that his food was tricking him, not just him but all of us, in to a palate that isn’t satisfied by fresh food but requires a concoction of high sodium, sugar and fat to reach satiety.

This is a huge part of our health crisis. We are not eating real; we have trained our bodies to crave the opposite of what it needs. Eating foods that are healthy are seen as a sacrifice, but it is time to re-frame our thinking. To bring our awareness back to our bodies, to listen to its needs and align with them. I may be accused as using mindfulness as a cure all, but I see no better solution to changing the health of our body and ultimately the health of the world then awareness. There is no awareness without being in a space of mindfulness.

This week my guest is Jaylyn Rowley and we are going to be talking about the benefits of raw food, physiologically and energetically. I may not be a raw foodist, but I am willing to bet there are things to be learned about nutrition and our bodies on the whole from a Raw Food perspective. From all perspectives there are things to be considered and even adopted, and I know we could all incorporate more raw foods in our diet.

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