Nature vs. Gym

Sunday, February 06, 2011 • Boise, ID 83703

A new study came out in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology that shows that exercise in the outdoors has benefits.  I love how we need to have research to prove something that should be common sense.  I believe our minds and bodies not only benefit from it, but they long for it. 

 I don't want to be too radical here, but gyms as we know them are another symptom of our imbalance.  Somewhere along the way we began to notice that as a society we were becoming overweight, so we created environments where we could go and move our bodies in an unnatural fashion and in an unnatural setting.  I am not saying gyms are all bad; in fact I am a huge fan of community based fitness centers. I just don’t think they should be our only means of getting exercise.  There are definitely circumstances where we need a closed system for rehabilitation, but we also need fresh air, vitamin D and the reminder that we are part of nature. I think that if we all spent some time looking inward we would realize that we are missing something.  If we thought about our body as an expressive outlet for our mind and spirit, I think it is safe to say we wouldn't be staring at a wall while running on a treadmill:)