The Power of Color

Friday, March 30, 2012 • Boise, ID 83703

I hadn’t put much thought into the colors or design of my home until recently.  My husband and I reno’d our bathroom and since then I’ve had the design bug. This urge to really make my home my sanctuary. Much of my life has been driven by function rather than esthetics, a very utilitarian approach, if it is necessary then I buy it.  The idea of having something just for the sake of beauty was quite foreign  to me.  I think that is where my thinking was faulty.  Color, accents, materials, fabrics and furniture are about more than just function and more than just looking good.  They are an extension of who I am, they have healing properties and quite definitive characteristics.  The way they change the sound, the light, and the vibration of the room is now something I am much more conscious of.  I was short sighted in my understanding of what makes something aesthetically appealing and undervaluing its impact on my emotional, mental and energetic aspects of self.

One thing that I really enjoy about doing my radio show, is that I always seem to have guests show up in the perfect time.  Who could deny the timing, that the first time in my life that I am really conscious about the design and feel of my home, an interior designer sends me her book.   A book that well on the outset looks like a practical guide to color, color theory and how to use color in your home, it speaks about color on a much deeper level.  What’s Color Got to Do with It?: Paint Color Ideas to Create Balance and Harmony in Your Home  by Jeanette Chasworth, talks about the energy of our home, how to use intuition in connection with color theory to design a home that matches our personality, function and healing needs.

In my interview with her, she opened up a whole new world of how color is used in public spaces,  how it  is used in marketing to draw our attention to products without even having to use words.  Color has the ability to alter our behavior in a very subconscious way.  Now what if we make a conscious decision about the colors we surround ourselves with? Instead of just choosing a color that looks nice, choosing colors that match the function of the room and is a vibrational match to our needs.  There is so much depth to the topic of color that I was unaware of.  Even as I write this blog, I wonder why do I like to write in the chocolate brown surroundings of my living room versus the green in my office? What does this say about me and my needs as a writer and a healer?   I have been given a great gift today, one that I want to explore further.  It would appear there is more to color than meets the eye.

Want to know more on this topic? Listen to this interview with Jeanette Chasworth, the author of What’s Color Got to Do with It?, talks about these topics and many others.    Learn about the important considerations when designing your home or a room and how to have that design be an extension of who you are and what you want to be.

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