vanadium is necessary for normal thyroid function

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Scientists believe that vanadium is necessary for normal thyroid function. But the lack of this trace element in the human body, physicians generally not observed, since most people consume a diet of about 15 micrograms of vanadium   a day, and that is enough truth about cellulite

Most of this trace mineral found in mushrooms, parsley, pepper and shellfish. The human body boron   to at least 1 mg per day. Plant foods contain boron in excess, in an animal in front of him, very little.

This trace element is considered to be a sort of "assistant", "support group" core functions. Boron   required by the body to optimize calcium metabolism,

"feeding" the brain energy metabolism and support the normal operation of immune system of the body. Of course, the benefit is obvious. Now let's talk about another interesting and important for trainees human moment production of hormones.

It's no secret that professional athletes in the fight for muscle growth and rapid recovery from hard training use a variety of stimulants and anabolic steroids, allowing them to achieve transcendent results.

It's all extremely harmful to the body! None of what the benefits and can be no question. This work is the result, not for health. Still, not every person will be able to sustain it physically. Anabolic steroids are forced to work in excess of the body mode and squeeze out of him, for one task - outrageous results.