Treatment of dystopia

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The largest group of patients has grown, and the disease will pass around the fortieth or fiftieth year of life. They walk around sometimes for years. Ah, a

little neck pain, thinking them Fatigue or stress, perhaps, so that their eyes are squeezed in a compulsive way. It's probably nothing, it will pass. "It is

often worse when you're active," says King.
History of dystopia
The disease is centuries old. There are images from Greek and Roman times, people who keep their head in the characteristic way slanted or keep their hands

and fingers on the dystopia-way into a spasm. Since the rise of psychiatry in the nineteenth century dystopia is often seen as a mental illness. People were

confused, so their body is going to do. Foreign Only after the Second World War, the realization grew that dystopia is a disorder of the brains, a

neurological disease so.
Treatment of dystopia
Since about 25 years, the disease is treated with Botox. By injecting a substance into crippling the muscles are somewhat paralyzed. "Oddly enough, there is

also a change in the brains," says King. "The muscle stops the cramping and less brains send her the wrong way."