LED light, a noticeable green light

Thursday, July 11, 2013

As a famous green lighting resource, LED light has shown its great advantages to customers.

LED bulbs are a much safer light source compared to traditional bulbs. They won’t be dangerous to human’s health since there are no dangerous compounds such as mercury and phosphor present. These bulbs hardly get hot because so little energy is lost to heat, which means no burnt fingers or fires in your house. Lastly, they are extremely durable which means there is no broken glass from overheating.

LED lighting is much more versatile as it suits a wide range of environments and offers a lot of colors, shapes and sizes. LED bulbs are also dimmable which allow you to control the light output in a particular environment. What's more, LEDs are able to retain their color when dimmed while incandescent bulbs appear more yellow in color.

LED bulbs can instantaneously reach full illumination as soon as they are turned on. With CFLs and fluorescent light bulbs, there is often a slight hesitation before the light comes on. It can also take a while for tube lighting to “warm up” before full brightness is achieved. This is a really noticeable advantage for led candle bulb that are frequently turned on and off.