LED panel light has become people’s new favorite accessory light

Thursday, July 04, 2013

LED panel lights last on average of up to 70,000 hours failing only by very slow lumen depreciation. There is no need for frequent maintenance visits to replace the unsightly fluorescent lamp burnouts.
LED panel lights remain cool to the touch, which is the same as t8 led tube, increasing your possibilities of placement and eliminating the need for ventilation as well as the potential of fire.


No hot or cold spots, only bright uniform illumination. Show your transparencies as they were meant to be seen. The full spectrum, daylight balanced, glare-free illumination ensures accurate flesh tones, clean bright whites and saturated vibrant colors.


With their solid-state circuitry LEDs embedded in an optical acrylic sheet and a light distribution matrix CNC laser engraved throughout, LED panel light are water resistant and impervious to vibration, and extreme temperatures. With their durable fabrication and by eliminating frequent maintenance visits, the resilient panels are perfect for hard to access indoor or outdoor areas.