The biggest lies of smartphone maker

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The placement on this list has nothing to do with the quality of the device and is not related to the leaderboard. This fact does not win the cell phone jammer with the best measurements, but the smartphone, confirming the promised factory specifications in the test or even exceeds them. Who makes modest detail, so here comes off well.

In the photo gallery you can see, on what percentage of a cell phone manufacturer in the "computer image" measurements coming. Values above 100 percent, that the measured values in the test were better than the factory specification.

Battery life

The battery life as the fuel consumption of a car depends largely on the use and the environmental parameters. Therefore, comparability is here the most difficult and the deviation is greatest. Some devices do not even reach 20 percent of the promised performance.

The reason: When specifying the standby time of the device manufacturers lies down and waits for slowly running out of juice. LG and Samsung promise a partially over a month of standby time. This has little to do with reality.

The stand-by specifying "Computer Bild" closer to practice: The device is used sporadically, short telephone calls must cope, to register on new radio cells that send and receive SMS messages. This costs energy and thus battery life. At the time, however, the measurements showed telephony few multiples of the manufacturer. Restrained information and different measuring methods are the reasons.

Photo resolution

Large values suggest a high megapixel image quality, Wholesale Power Battery , but some of the information is interpolated. So in the end photos always come out in the promised resolution - regardless of the quality.

"Computer Bild" therefore check how many pixels the sensor actually captures (effective megapixels) and how many are expected to do so. Sometimes stay of eight megapixels (MP) effectively only four left. In this ranking, it is better to have a less MP manufacturer promises - and delivers them well.

Here is hardly cheating

In the display resolution, the dimensions and the weight of the determined deviations are negligible. Normally you can rely on the manufacturer's specifications.