Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite - new treatments put an end to cellulite

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite- Combination mesotherapy Apollo (RF Tripoli RF)What does "The combination of mesotherapy by applying the Apollo enables double effect, i.e. it helps to combat cellulite and recover skin elasticity.

Mesotherapy applies fine needles or through in the dermis or in fat and cocktail injected depends on the predominant symptom. Usually injected vitamins, minerals, fat burning agents, improver’s perfusion etc. "Dr... John Paros, a dermatologist.

The head of Apollo is applied to problem areas and three-pole RF heats the tissue in depth, causing controlled thermal damage and thereby triggering the healing mechanisms of the body, resulting in the activation of fibroblasts to produce new collagen. This provides long-term tightening and a healthier, smoother skin with a youthful appearance

"This unique combination of the two treatments allows us to have the lipolysis, and vasoconstrictive action apoidimatiki mesotherapy together with the heating of the tissues of the dermis, and adipocyte cell collagen, lying under the skin, by the contraction and final tightening of the skin, achieved by three-pole RF "continues the expert.

How long total required 10 to 15 sessions, each session lasts 20-30 minutes and the distance between them is initially 1 week. Mesotherapy and Apollo are alternately, i.e. one session one session one another.

How much from € 100 per session. 2. Ray life What Is all combines three technologies in one machine, which are applied in combination or individually, depending on the needs of the particular skin, giving solution to cellulite in torments and localized fat.

"Acoustic waves (AW) activate the lymphatic system and so help to eliminate toxins and increase metabolism. Radio frequencies (RF) leave the skin shiny and smooth, combating relaxation and reversing the aging process and Pulsed Light (APL) removes superficial skin lesions, "says Dr... Misses K. Boukouvalas, director of Clinical Plastic Surgery Hospital «Metropolitan».

The doctor, after inserting the special serums, apply acoustic wave (AW), which acts deeply across adipose tissue and for this reason the results are too readily. Thereafter, the frequencies with the special head body constriction and disappearance of relaxation. How long needed a total 10.6 sessions of 20-40 minutes, which are held twice a week. How much varies from € 800 έως 1,500. What is Hypoxia, Percutaneous mikrotherapeia and method Endermologie? ..