Learning how to eat

Saturday, August 12, 2017 • Rockville, MD 20853-3508

Welcome back or hello if this is the first time you are reading my blog. This may be one of my most important posts yet. I had been training with my first trainer for several months and I was seeing some progress but not the progress I hoped for. I was still struggling with work, my mood, and my eating issues. Then I was introduced to Tory Dube, a holistic life coach. (Seriously check her out, as she is awesome!) I signed up for her 3 month one-on-one coaching program followed by her group coaching program in hopes that she could help me with my next phase of my journey. At the same time I changed trainers who put me through the best workouts ever. These two things are essentially my “secret” to how I lost weight and had a complete body transformation.


First: nutrition. Before Tory, my diet mainly consisted of processed carbs and no fruit or veggies. I ate a lot of pasta, and pizza, and ice cream. I also had a persistent pain in my side that my doctors couldn't figure out the cause of. Because of my meal restriction habits, I was barely eating anything all day so I was in a fog and I had no energy for workouts. I felt like crap all the time. Tory patiently worked with me to slowly change my nutritional habits. I want to emphasize that again…we changed it SLOWLY not all at once. Each week, we would incorporate a few new recipes or food groups. Before long, I was looking up new recipes myself, I started cooking (gasp!), and that was followed up with full scale meal prepping. I went from eating one meal a day to 3-6 meals a day. I purchased a 3 meal prep bag or as I lovingly call it, my carry on sized lunch bag. Much to my surprise the rest of the weight I was trying to lose started dropping like crazy. The other crazy surprise…my body stopped hurting. The pain in my side went away, I could think clearly again, and I could lift better…it…was…amazing! People started asking me “what is your secret?”


Now how did I deal with the mental aspect of eating so much food per day? Tory explained that I needed the calories for my weight training so we steadily increased them until I felt great during my workouts. However, despite seeing the physical and mental changes in my body and the emergence of muscles I never knew existed, the numbers on the scale weren’t budging. Now in steps my new trainer. When I was complaining about how the numbers on the scale weren’t changing he asked if my clothes were fitting differently. When I replied yes, he explained that as I was losing body fat, I was also gaining muscle. We knew I was losing fat from my measurements. He said that the scale means nothing because the numbers were skewed from the increase in muscle mass. He said if my clothes were fitting better and I was seeing a decrease in my measurements that is what we needed to look at. Ah-ha moment number 2! As the year went on, I bypassed all my old “skinny clothes.” I say this because these were the clothes I had aimed to wear again. I was thin before my weight gain but I was not fit…I had no lean muscle mass or definition and I thought I was fat every time I looked in the mirror. I have been slowly rebuilding my wardrobe. While it has been frustrating, it has also been liberating.


This is what I learned in 2016. I learned how to eat properly. I am never on a diet. I actually hate diets as they are not sustainable long term. I don’t count calories or macros. I just eat healthy, whole foods spaced out throughout my day. I meal-prep for a week or weeks at a time to save time. I still have my cheat meals of pizza and burgers and I still love ice cream. I don’t deny myself these things, but now they are now consumed in moderation. Do I ever lapse, heck yeah! Sometimes when stressed I resort to a lot of processed foods and I pay the price. My body hurts and that’s the reminder I need to get back to being healthy.  Physically I am smaller than I have ever been. I wear between a size 0-2. But weight wise I am the same weight as my old skinny days (talk about a mind blowing observation)…I weigh between 120 and 125 lbs, a healthy weight for someone who is 5’2’’. I am toned and now more confident in my appearance. I don’t look in the mirror anymore and think I am fat. I love my muscles! Tory showed me that food isn’t the enemy, and my trainer showed me that numbers on the scale don’t mean a thing. He showed me that muscles are awesome and that I wouldn't get big from lifting weights. My secret to losing weight was just changing my diet and consistency in my workouts. I happily no longer restrict my food intake. I eat a ton of healthy flavorful foods. Weightlifting saved my body misperception issues. I have lean, toned muscles but most importantly, I'm healthy. 


I have been told by so many that I have inspired them to a healthy lifestyle and that is what inspired me to become a trainer. So my goal for you, my clients, is to inspire and guide you to reaching your goals. It’s not an easy road and everyone has different goals. But like Tory and my trainer, I will be there for you to guide you and motivate you. You can do this! So let’s get started! Contact me today for a complimentary fitness assessment! 


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