Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Reviews - About Hypo caloric

Friday, September 27, 2013

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Review- As just comment, is very frequent constipation occur in obese patients undergoing weight loss diets because they have a marked hypo caloric.

In such cases, it is convenient to associate plant fiber and laxatives very aggressive, such as paraffin oil or substances producing the dispersion of the fecal mass.

Avoid the use of substances purging because its action accelerates intestinal transit, so that the food is only partially digested, causing intestinal irritation and sometimes serious disorders

Matter and seek to prove the formula seemingly harmless preparations (teas, infusions, pills, etc..) Offered to the consumer as natural substances, but not always without danger.

Logically, any interested person asks which the duration of a diet. Let us explain it briefly.
A slimming diet should be followed over several weeks or even months to achieve the appropriate weight. This weight should always be assessed by the specialist and the interested. It should be borne in mind that it is often not convenient to reach the ideal weight indicated by the tables.

The rate of weight loss varies greatly in each case. During the first ten days can lose up to two to five kilograms, but then it is advisable to lose a kilogram per week and then only 500 grams per week. Some people, especially middle-aged women, despite following the diet correctly, cannot reduce your weight in a week: this phenomenon is very direct with your menstrual cycle.

When interested in achieving weight convenient to follow an appropriate plan to not go back to retrieve it, which becomes quite difficult. Half of obese people turn to recover, after two years, the weight they had before starting the diet, to avoid must follow special dietary standards such as:

Continue with the weight loss diet and eat free on weekends.

Enter the daily diet extra amount, although moderate, starch (bread, rice, pasta or vegetables), as well as some meat a bit fat, all with strict control method and weekly weight to monitor possible progressive increases.