Monday, July 14, 2014 • Alexandria, VA 22306
Below are some great snack ideas to eat after your workout. 


Bananas are a great source of calories post workout. They contain 27 grams of carbohydrates and provide you a quick boost of energy post workout.


Avocados. They are a great source of potassium and they taste absolutely yummy! Potassium is an essential nutrient used to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. It will help you recharge and feel rehydrated after a killer workout. Try a few slices of avocado on whole grain toast, sprinkled with a little salt, pepper and lemon juice, for a simple post workout snack.


Dried Apricots. Apricots are another potassium dense food to eat.  Keep a little bag of them in your gym bag and eat them before or after your workout


Eggs-They are not just for breakfast anymore! Eggs are rich in Vitamin A, which help strengthen the immune system and are good for your eyes.


Walnuts or Pistachios-They are great source of protein (up to 17 grams), which help to rebuild muscle that exercised post workout.