Good Healthy Food

Saturday, February 09, 2013


Eating good healthy food does not always have to come with a great deal of sacrifice.  I know you have all heard this saying before, "You want to have your cake and eat it too"?  Of course you have heard it, and if you are being honest, you have probably used it a time or too.  
Having Good Eating Habits
Ironically though, the question is meant to yield an answer of "no".  But I ask, who does not want to have their cake and eat it too?  We all want our cake and we want to eat it, we don't want to stare at it.
People who ask this question, generally ask in a sarcastic way to imply that somehow it is a greedy person who wants to have their cake AND EAT it TOO. 
Now for sure, you don't want to continuously eat CAKE, obviously this is metaphor.  Having good eating habits is a critical part of any exercise program.
Tish, you may ask.  What does this have to do with the Double Dutch Fit workout program and eating healthy recipes?
Listen, unless you want to have 6 pak abs, a body fat percentage of 1% and work out like a maniac, then, having your cake and eating it too is exactly what you want to do.  You want to be "greedy" reasonably that is and still get fit.  
That is what the Double Dutch Fit workout program is all about.  
The bottom line is their are lots of workouts out there that will work you like a pig in an attempt to get you lean and fit.  You will tirelessly do crunches, pushups, lift weights, and put your body through extreme measures.  In this case, you are not having your cake and eating too.
How Does Double Dutch Fit let you have your cake and eat it too?
Since we are not attempting to get you fit enough to compete in Ms. America, your good healthy foods are broader than those who are seeking the crazy six paks, arms like steel and legs like a mack truck.  Double Dutch Fit is all about moderation and helping you get to an attractive body size.  
Completing a 30 minute workout, 5 days a week is generally enough to get you where you need to be.  Then you can reduce the amount of days per week and even the amount of time you spend working out.  Remember though, those who will make that committment to eat good healthy food, and exeercise consistently will each their get fit goals.  
Salads are not all boring, try this Healthy Shrimp Salad that truly exemplifies having your cake and eating it too because it is delicious and you absolutely will not feel like you are sacrificing taste for your waist.
Double Dutch fan-atics, or The Dutchesses want to eat moderately, workout moderately, and incorporate a balanced life for a fan-ta-bu-lous body; and that means having your cake and eating it too.  The Dutchesses want to look great, feel great and be fit the good food healthy way.
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