The form of natural canned and dried foods

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

For food use seafood are sold in live form, ice cream, boiled, in the form of natural canned and dried and cured. From them you can cook a lot of different food products: salads, soups, main dishes. In the meat of invertebrates contains essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

By its nutritional value, they are far superior meat of land animals. But know that the seafood deteriorates faster than fish. Therefore, clams and mussels are sold live, and better prepare them the same day you bought them. Crabs, lobsters and shrimp are often sold already cooked, though frozen. Fresh seafood is stored in the refrigerator only 1 day. If you decide to freeze them, keep in mind that the ice creams are very different in taste from fresh. click to boost it now

Seafood should be wrapped in foil or parchment paper so that they are not strong smell permeated the rest of the products. So, you've made sure that the storage of fishery products must be emphasized. How can it save? Fresh fish (such as, by the way, and fresh seafood) can be stored for more than a day in positive compartment for mandatory follow-cooked before consumption or frozen and stored frozen at -18 ° C or below in the freezer compartment " three star "of the refrigerator for a maximum period of 4 months for lean fish and 2 months for the fat may bought frozen fish should be stored under the conditions specified for frozen products.