Thursday, December 26, 2013 • Little River, SC 29566-7409

Let's face it, everyone indulges a bit over the Christmas season.  Now that most of it is over, what is the best way to detox from all the added sugar in our diets?  What works for me is limiting all sugar and starches for at least a week.  I make sure to abstain from anything that breaks down into sugar in my body which includes breads, even whole grain ones, potatoes, anything starchy and especially sweets.  I eat a diet rich in eggs, yogurt, lean protein, and lots of vegetables.  I even watch my fruits due to their high sugar content.  I try to eat no more than 100 carbohydrate grams a day for a couple of weeks to detox myself.  If I need a quicker detox, I limit my diet to fruits and vegetables only for 3 days and then gradually add back in the other food groups.