An Insight

Friday, February 01, 2013

Cervical Fusion refers to a surgical process that connects together broken segments of the vertebral column in the neck.  The need for surgery arises when discs between each vertebra and the cervical vertebrae are damaged because of a chronic wear and tear or an injury.  During this surgical procedure, the disc(s) between one or more than one vertebrae are removed and growth of bone is stimulated in order to connect both adjacent vertebrae.  Surgeons, usually, make use of a metal device for stabilizing the fusion until the growth of bone becomes solid.

Also known as arthrodesis, this type of surgical procedure links together two or more than two adjacent vertebrae.  Normally, between each vertebra is located spinal disc. The disc works as a cushion; however it also lets easy movement between vertebrae.  One of the prime reasons why doctors prescribe surgery is because of the problems that are caused by pushing of a nerve. This pressure coming from nerves can lead to irritation and symptoms such as numbness, tingling and pain in the arms and neck.

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