Best Buy Of the Directional WiFi 3G Cell Jammer

Monday, April 07, 2014


We all that for the signal jammers according to the difference of the antennas there are also Omni-directional signal jammer and also directional signal jammer, although a lot of people now use the Omni-directional signal jammers as they have the need to block the signals from all the directions, there are also a lot of other people who want to block the signals from one certain direction and right here for people who are looking for the directional WiFi 3G cell jammer they can have a good beginning here to gain such a type of jammer at

And then you can have a look at the details of this “High Power Directional Bluetooth 3G Mobile Phone Jammer”, which is just the directional WiFi 3G mobile phone jammer that can meet up with people’s requirements here. This Bluetooth 3G signal jammer is designed with the Directional Antenna so that it can easily help to block the signals of the within its jamming frequency bands from the direction that you want to. Thus as this 3G Bluetooth signal jammer is designed with high power so that it owns powerful jamming distance is up to 35 meters according to the signal strength in the given area and this directional WiFi 3G mobile phone jammer can cut off the signals of CDMA(869-894MHz), GSM(925-960MHz), DCS(1805-1880MHz), PCS(1930MHZ-1990MHZ), 3G(2110-2170MHz) and WIFI(2.4G-2.4385Ghz) at the same time.

Owning wide application areas is also a merit of this directional WiFi 3G mobile phone jammer as for places such as the conference room, auditoriums, law court, library, exam room, school, cinema, theater, and hospital, oil Station, gas filled station, oil field, oil depot and places where using mobile phone is prohibited such as government, military, finance, security, police and command center, and so on this Bluetooth 3G signal jammer can be used. And then if you have the need to gain one, just seize the chance and gain one at the best price.