News White Skin Cancer

Monday, November 18, 2013

For the beauty ideal tanned skin and changing leisure habits holiday with sun and tanning beds in the winter, frequent sun and do sports in summer so more and more people get melanoma, including much young. White skin cancer, to include several subgroups, however, is also age-dependent.

The demographic development with the greater number of seniors said that white skin cancer increases. It occurs mainly on sun-exposed sites - the temples, the lips or the upper ear. However, it is less dangerous than melanoma because it rarely metastasizes.

A total of approximately 120 000 people per year in Germany are diagnosed at different types of skin cancer, melanoma of about 15 000, more than 100 000 in white skin cancer. Skin cancer is now the most common cancer, prior prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.
From 35 to skin cancer prevention - To the doctor it is best to always go when the skin is suddenly changed. "Whenever something is new and you cannot explain it," sums up the expert to a common denominator.

Asymmetry of the spot, unclear boundary, color (changing color within the time buyer) and diameter (more than five millimeters): As a sign of alarm in the ABCD rule held symptoms apply beyond. For regular skin screening should already from 20 years go, anyone who has more than 50 moles.

From these changes is usually hereditary skin cancer can form? Everyone else should be 35 years and once a year check by a dermatologist.