Reduction Of Appetite Helps In Weight Loss

Thursday, January 30, 2014

It was found that chewing gum for an hour a day before eating reduces the appetite to eat the equivalent of about 68 calories in each meal, without feeling hungry overload, without the need for compensatory intake of food throughout the day.

Charles Livingston Review
The rate of energy loss (burning fat) increased by 5% when chewing gum others who, without an increase in the rate of stress. According to the study, the total energy lost as a result of chewing gum will be in the range of 62 kilo calories in a half day.

Despite the lack of this amount, maintaining the rate consistently has been able rights of reducing weight in a sign within a few months, and if added to a few of the sport, such as Walking simple or light exercise, the result will be mostly more fascinating.
Since the period of the gum of the things accused of being lead to the speed of the feeling of hunger and desire to eat ravenously and, hence, there was a difference between scientists on this subject, but from my personal view and my experience in the field of nutrition
I think that this study highly inaccurate help a feeling of fullness, and the movement of the jaw Automatic carried out by rights during the process of chewing helps the feeling of satiety and fullness for as long as possible so the gum is very useful for people amateur and the feeling of hunger during the chewing gum, confirms that this feeling has nothing to do, but has to do with a sense of natural hunger, if you chew gum, and I began to feel hungry allowed at lunch time.

indicates that there are different kinds of gum, and gum myrrh which comes to us from Yemen is one of the best types of gum at all and has several benefits most important to get rid of bad breath, and chew helps to relieve joint pain as well as in the treatment of some infections and stomach acidity, but in the case of not being able to get it available in supermarkets and without sugar is best.

He adds that there are other benefits of that has known some of the most important it helps to clean the teeth of leftovers The process of chewing as an exercise for the jaws and delay the appearance of facial wrinkles, particularly around the mouth, it also improves mood Some might feel more able to concentrate during the chewing gum.

Was team Americans did of researchers has discovered in another study conducted in 2010, that students who chewed gum during the performance of school meals and get better grades than others, especially in the material account. Where researchers conducted their studies on a different set of school students who are used to chewing gum without sugar during the recall process turned out to be chewing gum improves the results of students' intellectual properties.