Bottom Slip Door Entry Systems

Thursday, August 08, 2013

This is the case I am now, two hands stretched on the outside, obviously cramped, but do not feel struggle, this moment is a test of endurance when a person, I try to stay calm, do not feel oppressed because of chest quickly to choking, arm propped on the attempt to climb out, do die faster. For my situation, it is still a long one second than a year, speaks his grandmother, dead fat how not to catch up, if they did not hear the whistle, I even confess to this now. While I hold breath, cranky occasion, see fat and video door entry systems both men and slowly passed, talking and laughing with the clatter from the bottom slip came up. They saw the way I was, we were very surprised, throw off the legs and ran over, ran Xie who carry fat rope locks, he was also carrying a bamboo basket, inside two large white goose was scared fat video door entry systems sudden acceleration shouted. Fat and video door entry systems afraid shell nearby soil, dared get too close, the ten steps away stood, threw the rope over, I finally seize the last straw, pull the rope in the hands of the two buckles. The two sides together firmly, put me out of the lira shell from the soil, when they came up my legs, the whole piece of land shell thoroughly Trampling, revealing a large hole on the hillside, pulverizer constantly falling into it.

My big mouth breathing heavily, unscrew the bottle, pour a few bites, the rest of the water all down on his head, wiped a hand on his face and looked back behind him tread the soil subsidence hole, I could not say how many times it is transferred back and from the gate of hell, it is scared, afraid to think too much. Give me a cigarette fat Yajing, my shock, smoked two cigarette, choking cough himself straight, this experience different from the past, before the death in the moment, too late to be afraid, this time it is a step by step slowly approaching death the world is not better than this grueling nerves. My three souls and seven soul, probably has been flying two soul six soul, had a full twenty minutes, my soul that two six soul slowly back. Video door entry systems and fat to see me face pale, did not door entry systems. Tang Ming Palace, is a core part of the tomb, either buried or, buried alone worth mentioning, the tomb should be door home. Wearing grabbing the clothes, sleep in the coffin, and then covered coffin outside, even tomb corpse for some reason can not be placed in the coffin within the tomb during his lifetime that will put clothes Guanlv, placed in the coffin demeaning. I blew the whistle, chest slightest movement, the body calls Lu bit, then stuck to one, just choked his chest, breathing more difficult, and if a man buried alive, is generally not buried to the head, over his chest suffocated soil.