Monday, April 08, 2013

And the committee weak, they were apt to be slightlyout of it, and the captain would develop a habit of consulting them aday or so after he had done a thing. He would give a man his colours, and inform the committee of it on the following afternoon, when thething was done and could not be repealed. Trevor was accustomed to ask the advice of his lieutenants fairlyfrequently. He never gave colours, for instance, off his own bat.


Itseemed to him that it might be as well to learn what views Milton andAllardyce had on the subject of Barry, and, after the Town team hadgone back across the river, defeated by a goal and a try to nil, hechanged and went over to Seymour's video door entry to interview Milton. Milton was in an arm-chair, watching Renford brew tea. His was one ofthe few studies in the school in which there was an arm-chair. With themajority of his contemporaries, it would only run to the portable kindthat fold up.


Come and have some tea, Trevor, said Milton. Thanks. If there's any going. Heaps. Is there anything to eat, Renford? The fag, appealed to on this important point, pondered darkly for amoment. There was some cake, he said. That's all right, interrupted Milton, cheerfully. Scratch the cake. I ate it before the match. Isn't there anything else? Milton had a healthy appetite. Then there used to be some biscuits. Biscuits are off. I door phone systems