What Are The Elements Of Fitness?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What are the elements of fitness? This might seem like a weird question but what does fitness really mean to you? For some it means to eat right and look great. For others it means to eat right and exercise to keep the fat off your body. Fitness can be all of these things and it can be just a few of these things. The bottom line is that it is different to almost everyone. Someone might consider themselves fit while having a little arm fat or stomach fat. To them the fact that they can run a mile in 7 minutes makes them fit (they are literally fit in my opinion). But thats just one conception of fit.

To be a well rounded fit person you ideally should eat well, exercise regularly, and push yourself during your exercises so that youre always growing or evolving in some way. If you dont push yourself then you don’t grow and you might stay the same for a while, which is ok, but some people like to continually push themselves to new limits. And for them that is fitness. Try not to let fitness be just one thing or another, but rather a combination of things that helps you see yourself as fit in every possible way that you can conceive of it for yourself.