Harvey 24 crown become the king of Spain

Monday, May 13, 2013


In no case against Ma Jing, Barcelona ahead of round four win of the season in La Liga champions cheap jerseys. For Barcelona vice captain Harvey speaking, this is a title created history. In the history of Spanish football, Harvey is one of the most winning players. In Barcelona in history, Harvey is up to the player to La Liga champions trophy.
So far, a total of Harvey to Barcelona won 7 La Liga titles, it is Barcelona's history. Before Harvey cheap soccer jerseys, buck, Guardiola, Salinas, Sue pizza thunder tower has won 6 La Liga titles. But in the 4, only one trophy Guardiola are in Barcelona got, but three others had won the championship in the Royal Society and Bi ba. In Spanish history, Peary and Gento are the most winning players, they have won 10 titles.
Counting the other trophy, Harvey has won 24 titles, is one of the most winning the Spanish player in the history of the game he and Real Madrid legend hengtuo Barcelona jersey. In addition to the 7 La Liga titles, Harvey also won the 2 King's cup, 3 Champions League, 2 World Club Cup, 5 Spanish Super Cups, 2 European Super Cups, 1 world cups and 2 European cup.
In Barcelona team, Eric Abidal's League and Harvey is the same. But Eric Abidal's first three league titles, in Lyon won the French champions Barcelona, he in the La Liga title number 4. Fabregas is the first occupation career to win the league, lost little in Arsenal last season in Barcelona, but also just got the runner-up.
Vilanova Liga debut season, also made history. In the history of Barcelona, Villanova is fourth in the first season the team's coach, after three people is Sami Till (44/45 season), Van Gaal (97/98 season) and Guardiola (08/09 season). In Spanish history, the Barcelona is the first team from the first round of all the way to the final round of the championship team.
In Barcelona in history, this is the first time in the lost crown after the season immediately. Previously if Barcelona lost the trophy, then season must be lost. Basa had lost the crown after the fastest winning record is three years, the dream of two in the 05/06 season to win La Liga and the Champions Guanshuang crown, then erected in the 06/07 season and 07/08 season, Guardiola led the team winning three in the 08/09 season.