Juventus for Pirlo find substitute

Monday, May 13, 2013


As in previous years, top front once again become a Juventus summer window core programme cheap jerseys. But only buy major suit striker is far from enough, coach Conti requirements to enhance all-round team strength, seek deputy for aging brain team Pirlo, also a Ferraris headquarters will do their homework. In the view of "Turin sports newspaper", played for the Paris Saint Germain Vilati is the Bianconeri dream, by contrast, Catania core Lodi is more realistic option.
Pirlo landed in Turin City, in the summer of 2011 he joined cheap soccer jerseys, bringing tactics and achievements on the thoroughly to remould oneself ", can be rated as one of the greatest hero the Bianconeri regain Serie A hegemony. Heroes have followed, this season Pirlo has completed 5 goals and 9 assists, is still the core of the team level data, can be frequent events or Juve brain state decline. But the Italy international is about to enter a contract year, although there is news that Juventus intentionally and renewal, but is at least 34 years of age, it is unavoidable reality. For the Bianconeri, "brain" is imminent.
The Juventus midfielder existing configuration Juventus jersey, and technical characteristics of the Almighty Dahl Marchisio, but does not have the organization and scheduling ability like Pirlo, young Pogba showed the talent, but the succession "sleep skin" is too early. Internal dig stealth impassability, the Bianconeri looking for opportunities in the global market. Paris midfielder Vilati's choice, Italy star technology characteristics similar to Pirlo, age gently in French Zhanwen heels, recently also repeatedly to the old woman, is the ideal option. But Vilati 20000000 euros, and the strong involvement of Real Madrid (over the past two weeks, the frequent dialogue agent) for the Bianconeri right away from the target.
Vilati apart, Juve to make B plan, Catania playmaker Lodi become the number one spare tire. Lodi nearly two years suddenly switched on, the last 37 League appearances banging in 9 goals, stunning performance this season also has 6 goals and 7 assists, eukaryotic called the Sicilian club. Although recently signed a new deal with the club until 2016, but local despot still queuing pursuit. Inter in January this year was close to the player, but the price standard is not rejected, the past few weeks Milan also joining the fray, dialogue Catania high-rise, the midfield star Fossati (Fossati, currently on loan effectiveness of Serie B side Ascoli) into the trading scheme.
Seeing the two rivals near Lodi, Juventus quickly force overtaking. According to "Turin sports newspaper" disclosure, Marotta dialogue at the beginning of the week of Catania, proposed acquisition of Lodi idea, the Sicilian club for star price of 7000000 euros, the Bianconeri have recognized this price, but the Immobile (with the Genoa common), or youth double star Pago million and Beltrame were right in the transaction, hoping to reduce the cost of. Catania boss Santos admitted the existence of negotiations: "indeed there is dialogue, can be such a big team in Juventus, I think Francesco would be very happy. But for Catania, Lodi is extremely important core players, want to take him, premise is to come up with important quotation." It is reported the two clubs will speak again, Juventus offer enough "important", then see the outcome.
Lodi existing salary only 400000 euros, Juve can easily meet the economic requirements, and compared to the reconstruction of Milan clubs, strong position the Bianconeri in the league, as good as the reliable guarantee of the grass-roots players a round champion dream. What is worth mentioning, Lodi broker is Alessandro Moggi, is there said little Moggi, the son of Luciano - Mo Jiquan inclination during Juve, Mo Ji GEA founder of the Broker's Firm, has been involved in the Bianconeri multiple important transaction. Although at present the old Moggi out of power for many years, but little Moggi and Juventus still close high-level exchanges. With this background, Ferraris headquarters from Inter and Milan eyes from Lodi, I'm afraid is not easy.