Kalímera! (Good Morning in Greek!)

Friday, September 13, 2013 • McLean, VA 22102


Hello Everyone!


It sure has been awhile! I recently returned from an amazing trip to Greece with my mom and my sister. Three ladies traveling to a place neither of us had ever been. Oh my! What a beautiful country and what a fantastic time we had! We spent two days in Athens and the rest of the time in majestic Santorini. With my sister's amazing itinerary, we did everything from jetskiing on the Aegean Sea, renting a convertible (must rent a car in Europe) and went on a Catamaran that took us to all these beautiful stops to have lunch and swim in that gorgeous turquoise water. We also got our feet "kissed" at the Kissing Fish in Fira. I have to say, I was a bit sqeamish about this one. Once my feet went into the tank (see link) I screamed and burst out laughing (being extremely ticklish does not help). Craziest sensation, but I always say, you must always try something at least once. I definitely stayed true to my word on that adventure. Ha!


Greece is full of amazing people and truly breathtaking sites! Greek history has influence on everything from philosophy, democracy and even in our architectural structures. The morning after I arrived (crazy I know), I went for a jog in our great capitol of Washington D.C., and as I ran, I gazed at both the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial and realized just how much they resemble some of the great temples and structures I saw such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Temple of Poseidon and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. All such grand, imposing monuments with pillars of marble that leave one in awe with their majestic beauty and power. Pretty cool. The people were so incredibly loving and hospitable. Love them. Ah, the burst of energy and inspiration acquired from traveling is priceless and always leaves me with such a strong yearning to contintue to see all other great countries and marvel in their cultural, asthetic and of course, gastronomic beauty!





As much as I love to workout and get my run in for the day, food is a vital component to my life. They are equally important in my opinion to feel good both inside and out. In Santorini I could not help but fall in love with its beauty from the people, sights, water, and of course, the food! So much so, that when I arrived back in D.C. (the next morning) I went to the seafood market and got some fresh squid, mussels, cod and salmon. Stopped at the Mediterranean Bakery down the street and purchased homemade yogurt, capers and olives determined to recreate my amazing Greek gastronomic experience! So we grilled the seafood (I even got the grilling cage as they used it in Greece) and I recreated the Greek salad (though I only wish we had their tomatoes and feta cheese!). What crazy deliciousness (though, I humbly bow to the original Greek salad!). I even got a bottle of Rose, of which I was never a fan of, but found one that tasted like the one I had at the Theros Wave Bar in Eros Beach (great spot)! The dark red hue apparently is what my taste buds were missing from previous rosés I had tried (the darker the hue the less sweet the rosé). I found this amazing dry Spanish Rose with a darker red gorgeous hue that tastes almost as good as the one in Greece! So the weekend resulted in some glasses of chilled Spanish Rosé, Greek salad and some olive oil, lemon and oregano brushed grilled seafood, and of course family as company- an ambitious attempt to bring Greece home (if only I had the Aegean Sea outside along with that lovely breeze!).





Food, it is something to be cherished and even better when shared with loved ones. Nothing like a table full of friends/family, wine being passed around, and everyone just enjoying the company. That’s what life is all about. When I saw a table full of friends in Greece passing glasses, napkins, drinks, laughing, I thought to myself, we rush around way too much here. I must be a host to this beautiful camaraderie back home. So with the idea of nourishing our souls with tasty, healthy food I have decided to look into becoming a holistic nutritional consultant and pair this with my personal training certification.  Everyone who knows me well, knows just how much I enjoy cooking (my knife skills have greatly improved!) and have really been perfecting my palate and technique by trying new recipes and ideas!  Learning what is behind all these natural foods we eat and how good they are for us, seems only a natural progression to my passion. Again, food and the importance of exercises go hand in hand and I feel the need to share my love for cooking healthy foods and helping others lives happier healthier lives to the best of my abilities.





A little background as to where my love of food and the enjoyment of cooking began. My grandfather was a news reporter in La Paz, Bolivia and baker at home. Such a jovial man, we would always watch CNN together and I would always find him wearing a dishtowel on his shoulder, covered in flour as we discussed the world events.  He suffered from Type 2 Diabetes and unfortunately passed away from this disease a few years back. Each time I make anything, I always think of him and truly believe he inspires me every day. I wish I could show him all the healthy alternatives to his sweet tooth, but I do and know he is here in spirit. 





Below are some videos and recipes I recently made (Cashew Milk and Mango Sunshine Bites) from one of my favorite food bloggers, Sarah Britton, from MyNewRoots.org that I would like for you to watch. She discusses the importance of certain vitamins and minerals in the foods we eat that are extremely beneficial to us in their purest state (who knew!). Nothing processed ever. No medicine required to make you feel amazing. I hope you like them. I will keep you posted on my venture into the culinary world and look forward to sharing my knowledge for a better, healthier us!





Sarah Britton (One Change)



Cooking w/Sarah Britton in Amsterdam



My New Roots



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Recipes (Sarah Britton):


Mango Cashew Sunshine Bites  (Recently made these with dried apricot! Can freeze up to 2 weeks!)


Nut Milk (just made cashew milk, for my first-time-ever -nut milk. Amazing. I can't wait to mix up different nuts and add dates and/or vanilla for added sweetness and flavor!


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Thank you and stay happy & healthy!