My Day Off

Monday, May 16, 2011 • McLean, VA 22102

My Day Off


Taking the day (s) off of working out is good for both the physical body and the soul. It keeps you balanced. On my day (s) off  (1 only have 1- 2 per week) I will sometimes try a new recipe, take a nap, clean the house, read a book, I just do what I like most- whatever that may be to give me the balance I need. That something is unique to each individual, but a day off for me is about slowing down and not going 100 mph like I normally do. In addition, every Monday (my workout day off, although I sometimes switch this to Sundays), I start my day by writing out my complete workout schedule so there is no chance for any surprises in terms of missing a workout during the upcoming week. Of course there are some days I know I will go out with friends, dinner, happy hours, etc. and I will be more tired than normal, but when those special occasions come up, I make an effort to write it into my workout weekly plan. I wanted to share this with you because I have done this for many years and it helps keep me on track. My weekly workout plan looks something like this:



T- Strength 30 min cardio

W- Cardio 45-60min

TH- Strength 30 min cardio

FRI- Cardio (Drinks girls)

SA- Strength 30 min cardio

SU- Cardio (run/walk outside)


A trainer and good friend of mine said something to me once and I love it, “… you should be as aggressive as you are with your workouts as you are with your eating”. I never forget this and I share these words with my clients. If you want to see results, you have to work at it, but make sure you find that balance.  Make sure you take the day off every now and then from your workouts and enjoy a change in routine. Your mind and muscles will thank you. I hope this tip was helpful, now put your feet up, pour a glass of wine... oh wait- is this your day off too?


Have a great week!