Rusty Moore Visual Impact PDF - Muscle Growth - For Beginners

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Kidneys and muscle feeding muscles require a lot of water to get rid of chemicals that inhibit the ability to metabolize fat in the liver. So drink water without hesitation remains a matter of efficiency. Without water, you do not give advice to bear weight.

In addition, the loss of water from the body by 2-4 percent results in a decrease of 21 percent. Ability to strength training and 48 per cent capacity to aerobic training, if you want to keep the power to one hour before strenuous workout drink at least 0.5-0.7 liters of water.

Principle should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water plus 120 ml every 15 minutes during exercise. Drinks containing caffeine and alcohol do not count as diuretics, increasing water loss. 1 kg less means that you should drink 1 liter odes more, always check for signs of dehydration in the urine.

If it looks like apple juice, or is it little or smells bad, it means that you need more water. Warning! Tap water can contain surprisingly high sodium. Before you buy bottled water, check the sodium content on the label. Avoid water with a high content of sodium. If you're in the run-up to the competition and you pay special attention to the sodium content, buy and drink distilled water.

You can find it in every supermarket. When strength training start muscle growth is not immediate - the body must first go through a period of adaptation or adjustment to new burden and not only in relation to the muscles but also in relation to the central nervous system.



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