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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anabolic Cooking :Intermediate Training - you can try something high-end, such as squats with a barbell on your back with spikes or throw weights for bench press. Most of these exercises are doing already with considerable weights, so stay away from them with respect and caution.

Try the following combinations: do 5 sets of weights, which exercises you do 3-4 repetitions "aerodynamic", and then try the same exercise in the classic version, but with a little more weight. You'll see how much you will be surprised by the ease with which you do traditional exercises.Information Resource By Anabolic Cooking

Advanced Training - Here is the full ride: spikes of tilted forearms with dumbbells in his hands and working with broken barbell, but with one hand. You may need to split workout performed with a slight aerodynamic loads on your classical method of training, such as in the table below. Win with gravity: exercise aerodynamic –

Here are examples of aerodynamic exercises that you can incorporate into your training program:

Throw a medicine ball against the wall: strengthens the shoulders, chest, back, triceps and abs.

Technique: Hold the medicine ball with both hands and stand against the wall. Standing in a clear stride, throw the ball above the head in the wall. Try to hit it at a height just above the head. Projection should be made with full force. You know I threw hard enough and in the right point of the wall, the ball returns to your hands without the need for any movement on your part. Do 1-2 sets of 8-10 reps.