Specific treatment for measles

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

How to treat?
 There is no specific treatment for measles, only the symptoms. How to prevent? disease becomes more serious when it affects mothers breast-feeding women, malnourished children and adults should be vaccinated is the most effective way to prevent measles. The vaccine is available at clinics for children from 12 months old
What is it?
acute infectious disease of the respiratory system, highly contagious, usually benign, whose main complication is pneumonia. Which agent is involved?
Viruses belonging to the genus Mobil virus, family which symptoms?
The main symptoms are fever high, red spots over the body (skin rash), malaise, crazy, conjunctivitis and cough with phlegm.
 In the early stages of the disease, can be observed small white spots, circled by a red region, located on the inside of the cheeks. How is it transmitted?
Through respiratory secretions expelled by infected patient to cough, sneeze, talk or breathe. Should be avoided indoors, favoring contamination.
 How to treat?
Treatment is with rest, liquid diet or soft measures of general hygiene, hydration, antipyretics and cleaning of ocular and nasal secretions with saline.
In populations with vitamin A deficiency, it is recommended supplementation of vita-mine. How to prevent? Vaccination is the most effective measure for preventing measles.