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Sunday, August 24, 2014

That was not painfully ashamed and sad for those extra pounds and inches, scored during the holidays, experts recommend from time to time to arrange a fasting days for weight loss. Ideal to make them once a week, in a festive and posleprazdnichny period.

Benefits of fasting days is confirmed by many slimming: day of discharge will not only keep in shape, but also health, good mood and health.

We invite you to try effective fasting days.
62471685_fruitsveget Fruit and vegetable days

Apple fasting day
Prepare 1.5 kg of apples, grate them on a fine grater and every three hours, eat 300 In fasting day on apples you can drink as much fluid as you want.

Banana fasting day
fasting day on bananas is that you need during the day to eat 1 kg of bananas and drink at least 1 liter of fluid in the form of juices, tea or stewed without sugar.

Potato days
5 times per day with 300 g baked potatoes with a small amount of cream or oil.

Cucumber fasting day
in fasting day on cucumbers need in 4-5 receptions eat 1.5 kg of fresh cucumbers and boiled egg 1.

Watermelon fasting days
5 times a day to eat 300 grams of ripe watermelon.

Apricot Day
Take 120 g of dried apricots or fresh apricots. Soak apricots in water, and if you are using fresh fruit apricots, remove them from the stone.

In four reception, eat all day for apricots or apricots. If a strong hunger drink kefir (but not more than 1 liter per day).

 If you want to lose weight, you need to know how many calories you should be getting per day. To do this, we offer you a calorie counter that will help you calculate the amount of calories you need daily, taking into account your sex, weight and age. Then select the suitable week menu.

Calorie counter will not only allow you to determine whether your diet your physique, physical activities and occupation, but also to find out whether your diet balanced in protein, fat and carbohydrates. Proposed Calorie Counter is simple to use, as you can see, try now.