Aura health can change many years before signs of illness

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Aura health can change many years before signs of illness become visible or symptomatic, are the aura that the process begins, and where it must first be

Anyone can learn and practice chromo therapy. But in reality it is very more than one application of certain light, a point on the body, although there is no  Introduction To Kyle Leon

need for special powers to practice this technique.
From a clinical diagnosis or emotional, chromo therapy functions as a support technique, which makes the body more receptive to other medicinal maneuvers

required in each case.
Color is life, and what color light is manifested by the visible expression of the divine.
Novelty chromo therapy, no, since primitive times, with the records in Egypt, China, India already had a system of cromologia. In modernity is being

demonstrated the wisdom of the ancients regarding the use of color in healing processes, since the disease is a search for psychic harmony.
Login currently Aromatherapy that by applying beams of light makes the harmonization of our vital energies and emotions
From the moment we discovered the action of different colors on each of our bodies, with a correct application of the same, switch- energy through color

balance of the body, restoring properly within the body all colored energies.
Therapeutic Use of Colors
Increases vital energy Rose
Enables loving energy, eliminates impurities from the blood