Try to avoid stress

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

To chest ached less, drink vitamins A and E, eat salads, dressed with vegetable oil. Take gluconate or calcium carbonate recently conducted a study which showed that this drug helps relieve cramps, headache, aches, back pain, muscle tension, weakness and water retention in the body. Also, instead of the tablets can eat more low-fat dairy products
Try to avoid stress - protect yourself from contact with unpleasant people do not grasp the more things at work.
During exercise in the body increases production of endorphins - hormones that provide a sense of satisfaction and well-being therefore, when the ICP just need to continue to play sports (without exhausting overload, of course). And by the way, sex is also not be superfluous in such a situation. However, when he was odd?
Do not strain! If you have a desire for such a council to throw something heavy author wait. Of course, not so easy to relax, especially during PMS, however, breathing exercises, meditation and yoga helps a lot.
Do not kiss the sleeping dog - fat-loss-review/"Do not kiss your dog! Do not let her lick herself! Do not let you to jump on the bed! "- What child does not hear this from parents? However, other moms kiss their dogs themselves almost as often as children. What, in turn, horrify others? After all, the dog can pick up any infection!