Customized Fat Loss : The Tomato Has Extra Genes from Human

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Customized Fat Loss : About 10,000 genes more than the man has tomato, whose genome decoded after nine years of scientific research carried out in parallel in 14 countries. And while experts expect to quickly discover the secrets of taste, smell and properties, tomatoes appeared with 31,866 genes!

Customized Fat Loss Review : Indeed, it analyzed only one tomato variety, but two, that of Heinz 1712 cultivar used in ketchup, and a wild. Experts estimate that the decoding of the genome will be able to create a new type of tomatoes. The new features will look for the genetic roots of the vegetable will be related to taste, odor and durability of the plant. Thus, experts estimate that by reading the genome will achieve a new beam and conventional breeding techniques; they will provide new varieties of tomato. It will also significantly reduce the need for pesticides.

Since 2003 he had begun to decode the genome of tomato by 2008, the data were not consistent result. So the team took advantage of the new decoding technology with sophisticated computers and programs to accelerate the task of reading.

"Now we know in detail the purpose of each gene of the tomato, we hope to be able to target the genes that control the life of the product, leaving intact genes that cause flavor. Estimate that in three to five years we will have tomatoes with a long life, which will become very dark red color; it is full of beneficial ingredients and tastier, "explained Researcher of the University of Texas, USA.