Kyle Leon - Popcorn "Equally Healthy" Fruit-Vegetables!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Kyle Leon : Want a healthy snack? Little popcorn cooked in hot air is what you need, as a new study, when the sweet corn contains 114 mg and all the fruits to 160 mg per serving. As the researchers explain from the University of New York, who presented their research at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Diego, this difference is due to the, in fruits and vegetables are diluted because they contain up to 90% water.Information resource by Kyle Leon

Popcorn but has an average water content just 4%., while they are higher in the shell of popcorn (it is these pieces that "stick" between the teeth). The shell also has the highest fiber content. Without butter, salt, oil as but warns lead researcher, Department of Chemistry of the Texas University, popcorn ceases to be healthy when one adds the butter, salt and anything other rich in calories and fats.

"The fewer calories have popcorn cooked in hot air," he says. "The popcorn cooked in the microwave is at least 50% more, and when someone bakes oil has twice the calories. Furthermore, about 43% of the popcorn which is cooked in microwave is fat, against 28% of the popcorn which is cooked in oil. “Also noted, however, that you should not use the new findings as an excuse to eat only popcorn, avoiding fruits and salads.”The popcorn does not have the vitamins and minerals they contain fruits and vegetables," he explains. "However, the only snacks are 100% untreated. Even whole grains are partially processed, thus consist of fiber at a rate of about 51%, and while in popcorn plant fibers are multiple. "

In fact, "only one serving and provides 70% of daily fiber that needs a man," he adds. "So if anyone cares to eat it without adding anything, it's very healthy."