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Saturday, April 06, 2013

U.S. scientists announced that they managed to turn body fat into a form, which burns calories and reduces body weight. This achievement was made in rodents, but experts believe that it can be replicated in humans. If successful, would have found a new way to treat obesity. As they explain in the journal ‘Cell Metabolism”, failed to alter the expression of a protein that is associated with appetite, and found that not only reduced the appetite of animals and thus their weight, but transformed the composition of body fat . In fact, there was white, turned brown - that took the form it has when we are babies and the energy requirements of the organization is to "red". Article posted by Kyle Leon Scam

The brown fat babies are the source of production of body heat, which operates by burning too many calories. As we age, brown fat gradually reduced and replaced by white, which accumulates (in principle) in the abdomen and not particularly effect. Experts believe for years that if you find a way to stimulate the production of brown fat at all ages; it will be easier to control body weight and thus provide a solution to obesity. Many scientific groups are looking for ways to achieve this, and Scientists believe that they did.

The researchers conducted their study on rats, which suppressed the function of a protein (called NPY) appetizing. When Hibernate action in the brains of animals, appetite and food intake decreased. Still, do not, and when the animals fed with high-fat foods, those took less weight than what another group of animals with functional NPY. The researchers then looked at the composition of body fat of animals and found a significant change: to what had stalled NPY, part of white fat had turned into brown fat. Scientists now hope that the same action can reach the people, injecting subcutaneously (under the skin) stem cells brown fat in order to "burn" the white fat and weight loss activated.”