Egoscue Helps Connect a Mom and The Soul Surfer

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I wanted to share antoher Tipping Point article and fun connection story about Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton and The Egoscue Method.

Recently a client of Pain Free Posture MN who also had a successful experience with Posture Alignment Therapy in The Egoscue Method, watched the movie Soul Surfer, The Incredible True Story of Bethany Hamilton

In her Blog Let’s Go Surfin’ Now, Misty Harper-Anderson shares in Bethany Hamilton’s love of God, and how The Egoscue Method has helped both women become PAIN FREE so they can do life.  Both women had to make changes in mind, body and spirit to completely overcome each of their personal obstacles in order to do what they need to do.  I love how The Egoscue Method brings people together!

Bethany-Hamilton-surfingAnother awesome Tipping Point and connection story about The Egoscue Method is in an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola.   Entitled If a Shark Bit Off Your Arm, Would You See Your Life as a Blessing?  Mercola examines the posttraumatic growth Bethany Hamilton went through to heal from her wounds.

Aside from the obvious physical challenges the Soul Surfer had to overcome to function in daily life, Bethany Hamilton had to address the mind and spiritual aspects of ther attack to completely heal from the trauma in order to competitively surf again.

Posttraumatic growth (the ability to derive positive benefits from adversity) requires a total transformation in mind, body and spirit to heal.   Although Bethany’s Story is an extreme example, I believe that anyone who has to overcome actue or chronic pain must absolutely address every area in life to totally heal.  (See The Egoscue Method Requires Total Change)

Soul-Surfer-movie-poster writes

“The movie SoulSurfer tells the story of Bethany Hamilton, a teenage Hawaiian girl whose left arm was bitten off by a tiger shark.

It is an inspirational story — Bethany returned to surfing and eventually won a world championship.

Although traumatic events are painful and difficult, going through such an experience may induce psychological maturity and a new appreciation of life. Research has shown that people report psychological growth and positive changes following even highly stressful events.

To read the rest of this article in it’s entirety, please click HERE.

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