New Question & Answer Platform on

Monday, May 16, 2011 • Alexandria, VA 22311 just got social! A few weeks ago we launched "IDEA Answers", a dynamic question-and-answer platform that allows fitness experts, professionals and enthusiasts  to interact and get access to free advice on any health and fitness-related topic. 

You can ask and answer questions from the following areas on

  • The main IDEA Answers page
  • The bottom of all articles and videos
  • Certification/training group profiles

In order to keep track of these questions and answers, we've created a feed on the main IDEA Answers page. When logged into your account, your feed will show new answers to questions you've asked, new answers to questions and topics you're following or have voted on, and suggested topics. You can also sort by the latest questions, most popular questions, and unanswered questions.

IDEA Answers has also been integrated into IDEA FitnessConnect. You will find a new tab called "Answers" on your IDEA FitnessConnect profile that will display answers that you have submitted (Note: You have the option of hiding any answer from your public profile). 

So, what are you waiting for? Start asking and answering questions now:


IDEA FitnessConnect Team