Using Technology to Connect with Clients and Fellow Fitness Pros

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 • Alexandria, VA 22311


IDEA Member Karin Singleton caught our eye a year ago with her ability to take advantage of IDEA FitnessConnect and leverage the connections that she's made through the system. We got a chance to interview her in the April issue of IDEA Fitness Journal about her success. Below is an excerpt from "Spreading The Word About Pilates And Melt" (Idea Fitness Journal, April 2012):


What tools do you use on your profile? “I use most of them,” she says. “I like the function that lets you list classes, and the blog tool, where I make about two or three entries per month. I like the way the blog headings show up on the monthly IDEA FitnessConnect Client Newsletter, which is another favorite tool of mine. It gives me an extra opportunity to discuss a wide variety of subjects. I often have certain people in mind with my blog entries, as I did when I [blogged about] my observations of MELT’s effects on MS. I have had a lot of positive feedback from clients and friends about the e-newsletter.”


Why do you participate in IDEA Answers? “I have been in this industry for almost 17 years (after 18 years of corporate life) and have a lot of experience with a variety of situations that may stump a novice trainer,” Singleton says. “[The situations I draw from range from] business to interpersonal communication to the many aspects of training itself. I enjoy sharing what has worked for me.

“I like the fact that [fitness pros and potential clients] can see the answers. My answers can inform other people about me much better than a profile alone can. IDEA Answers has also given me exposure to a wider audience. After all, being ‘out there on the Internet’ is the way of the future, and this is my cyber shingle.”


What do you do to promote your profile? “A line item under my email signature links to my IDEA profile, and I use the IDEA FitnessConnect logo on the home page of my personal website.”


How have you benefited from being on IDEA FitnessConnect? “The greatest overall benefit is that it has raised my profile in the fitness community and beyond,” she says. “To give an example, I was contacted by a publishing company to be one of the reviewers of a book on exercises for older adults.“In addition to having my own studio, I am employed at the Rex Wellness Center. The exposure through IDEA FitnessConnect has been of benefit for me in that working relationship as well.”


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