I burst into tears

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The sun your prada uk smile told me that the Prada Bags uk sale for lights, one thousand ten thousand butter lamps eternal, literally fluttering around a mandala. Original you put his Ching Lin ported to the time, I was following the thirtyeight thousand miles of prostrate under the red walls of the pious. One day, in the first ray of sunshine in the Potala Palace, Golden Summit, I burst into tears. I do not knock my green years, then do not do this mortal life and watch the Ram from the pilgrimage road is my marrying. If you're living Buddha, how can I not feel female pilgrims. Since then, I the painted prada handbags to the WTO, to wear in that person's body.

Dreamed of the fairy tale of the the bridges and grandma, grass Kibusa the wall to keep my small mens prada bags to look at the world of strokes. Childhood is a Ching Lin, clean bridges, grandmother compassion, grass wonderful head Kibusa silence, there on the wall the Xuefeng clouds strokes. And I, a childhood girl at your side. When Tara hill stone engraved with bright as usual, when the colors of the stone walls reassembled the foot of the mountain hut, I saw barley tall stature, handsome face.