I hung up the phone feeling

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weekends in their house became more than just books and cooking; they were filled with the wonderful sounds of the out- of-tune piano and two very out-of-tune singers. When Christmas break came, Grandma got a chest cold, and I was afraid to leave her. I hadnt been home since Labor Day, and my family was anxious to see prada bags sale me. I agreed to come home, but for two weeks instead of four, so I could return to Grandma and Grandpa. I said my good- byes, arranged for their temporary care and return home. As I was loading my car to go back to school, the phone rang. Daneen, dont rush back, he said. Why? Whats wrong? I asked, panic rising. Grandma died last night, and we have decided to put Grandpa in a retirement home. 

 I hung up the phone feeling like my world had ended. I had lost my friend, and that was far worse than knowing I would have to return to dishwashing. I went back at the end of prada handbags dollars a month, twice the money I was making washing dishes. Now I would have time to study. I went to meet his grandparents and accepted the job. My first discovery was his grandmothers great love of music. She spent hours playing her old, off-key piano. One day, she told me I didnt have enough fun in my life and 11 took it upon herself to teach me the art. Grandma was impressed with my ability and encouraged me to continue.