All the emotional entanglements

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Do not smell but not can not read, do not want to not read can not love. Read the sea, to Kuwata an idea, an idea, an idea long after thoughts accordance persistent Qiannian I, from prada uk in a completely self position will naturally do not have a harvest. Love the university, are not able to convince him to return home with me, back to the side of parents. He bent to the south, with a smile in tears, I said, a fool, do not cry, conditions are ripe, I'll pick you up over.

Since then, my life, the only miss, only to wait. All the emotional entanglements, the origin edge off, some things are destined to happen, some people are destined to appear in front of you, and I have always firmly believed that one encounter, perhaps has had five hundred years of prayer are painful prada handbags outlet behind often TV drama with no less than give affection.