As long as someone walked

Monday, March 11, 2013

Qiong river water antiquity still exist relatively quiet little village, orange undergrowth prada bags scattered into pieces arranged in 10 blocks of the house, all the redbrown stone walls, black roof, seemed so quaint mountain village has a nice Friendly name prada handbags sale Starlight Village.

 As long as someone walked into the village, prada uk put you as guests, always warm greeting invited guests go the prada uk home drink a Bowl of Tea, a bowl of flour, meal. In the village, the first catches the eye is prada handbags uk covered with branches, and the west side of a small river groups of ducks and sometimes got into the water, sometimes surfaced, showing depicting a flock of ducks paddling Figure prada uk far looked dark green lines of large tracts of golden split into numerous irregular pattern, looking like a beautiful trapping woodcut.