Autumn flowers are blooming

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rice fields in the north, the golden rice blow with the breeze blowing from the Melaleuca waves of grain, golden ears of rice ignited deep autumn. Chili Park, south of the contiguous zone, bright red peppers prada uk fall day, standing on the side of the road through the village lifted up his eyes, as the one harvest in sight everywhere gratifying scene.

Looking ahead, mountains or green one near the mountain pine and cypress leaves green, almost black, tall chestnut trees covered with yellowgreen chestnut ball mature small berries in the mountains, purple mountains eggplant The blackness of the Vaccinium, people spit Tianjin latent overflow. prada handbags Autumn flowers are blooming open: purple, red, white prada uk people confused eyes. Undoubtedly the most prominent thatched spend prada bags sale silver tidbits elegant dance danced under the instigation of the mountain breeze.