I did not expect before

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Go through jacket from Guiyang to Kunming can close up into the trunk, and a shirt is enough. Not find people prada uk wearing a down jacket, in the streets of Kunming, almost all of them are out of danger mounted, spirit and walk with confidence. Kunming city is beautiful, the floor is not high, but a large, clean and wide roads, orderly, green is breathtakingly.

Just arrived in Kunming immediately prada uk city, which I did not expect before. I always thought Kunming too sidelined, not too developed, at most, be considered a small and prada handbags sale I understand, however, who can understand me. Before the Spring Festival, I went to a lie Kunming, open a tour of Spring City. Kunming and Guiyang are the cities of the YunnanGuizhou Plateau, I believe they will not be too different. But the fact is not so, Spring City Spring City, Kunming winter warm as in spring.